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Web Accessibility: A Foundation for Research

Simon Harper, Yeliz Yesilada

This textbook is aimed towards academics in order to cover a broader view of Web accessibility.  It shows chapter by chapter, existing research and future developments of many branches of accessibility.  This will hopefully be a great help to my own research, and give me an all-encompassing understanding of Web Accessibility…so far no mention of web-mapping though.


I met with Milton Zysman, Executive Director of SIRI last week.  He introduced me to Nokia Maps 2.0, a GPS application available on Nokia phones.  Although they are maps mostly used for navigation, there is a feature in which location-based data is shown, such as restauraunts in the area.  This could align with the maps we make here at EC.  I asked Milton if I could maybe talk with the developer he has working on the SDK, maybe we’ll have some tips to share with each other…

Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards

Wilson Miner

This is a good article that showcases accessible charts.  I think some of these techniques can be carried over to our maps, as we are mainly focused on data-drive maps, and not the usual maps you see that are used to give directions.

Google Charts

Am I the last one to know?  How nerdy does this make me if I think is cool?

OCAD is holding a free symposium on data visualization.  Let’s see who I can convince to go with me???

Accessible Web 2.0 Applications with WAI-ARIA

Martin Kliehm

Addresses the W3C’s WAI-ARIA standards for Rich Internet Applications.  Created to address websites utilizing Ajax, JavaScript and other Rich-Media tools. Could be a good reference during development.