I fear there are many more to go 😦

I presented to Greg’s group on December 4th.  I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest it generated…although it could have been brought about though pity due to my obvious nervousness.  Nevertheless, I’m sure each time it will get just a little bit easier.  I got some great feedback and ideas…if only I could remember it all as I seemed to have blacked the whole tramautic event out of my memory. Ok no more complaining, I will suck it up.

There are so many things I haven’t even taken into account, and I need to figure out the scope of this project.  One attendee (I wish I could remember her name) brought up the point about all of the things sighted people automatically infer from a map, just from experience.  How can we capture all of this?

Jorge spoke of a game where a person is blindfolded and the other player has to describe a picture of some sort to them.  Studies such as these will come in useful when deciding on a textual description of a map.

And of course, as expected, I got the text-based search comment.  I’m not sure if my argument against this is strong enough, must work on it.

I’ve uploaded the presentation, I’m due to give another one next week to the CS’s at Environment Canada.  I also have a bunch of papers I need to put up on here so stay tuned.