Ok ready for another day of maps, gis, data, and all things esri.  For all who were concerned, managed to eat some nachos at Canada Night last night, so vision became unblurred and blood sugar levels returned to normal…funny that they serve nachos and beer at Canada Night, they totally know us!  It was like an EC and esri contractor reunion, finally put faces to names for the esri guys on E2MS and also met some west coast EC colleagues.  Daniel was missed…he’s like Mr.EC-GIS, big man on campus…don’t worry Dan, you would have been proud of your team lastnight, social butterflies 🙂

Anyways, started today off with a 6am run along the waterfront…beeeyooooteeeefulll.  I miss that saltwater air, I haven’t been home to NS for over a year now.  Have a stomach full from breakfast, and I’ll be sure not to make the same mistake and actually take time to eat today so I can continue filling you all in on the action you’re missing!

First up:

Using ArcGIS Schematics to Visualize Data

We don’t use ArcGIS Schematics (as far as I know) but as I am the visualization person, thought I’d take in the session to see what it’s all about and if it would be of use to us.  Serguei is covering the Flex API session…so we are splitting up.

Schematics…many definitions:

  • a simplified representation of an object or set of objects
  • a drawing or diagram representing a set of relationships
  • a way to represent any type of network and diagram within a symbolic system in a defined space without scaling constraints

What is ArcGIS Schematics?

  • automates diagram generation
  • multi-representational views
  • data-driven solution
  • multiple data source access
  • dynamic interaction with GIS
  • business rules

How does it work?

Data in -> process data -> apply data rules -> tools to apply diagram modifications -> schematic diagram out


Thoughts: As I am new to the web-mapping team, it means I am also pretty much at a loss concerning all of the desktop software.   So this session was good info as to what is available  and how the data gets manipulated before we publish to the server.  I guess I didn’t realize there were so many options in ArcInfo to visualize the data, as I’ve never taken the time to explore it, I’ve just worked with Langhi on modifying what was already in place.  It *seems* pretty straightforward and customizable.  It makes me grateful for people on the team with skills like Grace, somebody who is taking the time to actually work with the data and ensure that it is being visualized in a clean way that makes an impact on the users.


Ok so the whole “live” blogging thing didn’t work out.  Mostly because I got tired of lugging my laptop everywhere, so I went back and ditched it at lunch.  I think this means work should invest in an iPad, no?  Everyone else had them!  Anyways, just got back after another eventful day at the conference, but am off to another conference event soon and the internet connection at the hotel is sketchy at best…so will have to put all of notes up tomorrow if I manage to bring my laptop again, otherwise stay tuned!

Here’s an agenda to look forward to:

Working with Image Services and ArcGIS Server

Deploying ArcGIS Serrver in a Cloud Hosting Architecture

Mobile GIS Applications

ArcGIS Mobile – Using the ArcGIS Mobile SDK

ArcGIS Server Performance and Scalability – Testing Methodologies

and lots more….