The conference had a huge showcase and map display which I was able to walk around now and then throughout the week.  Here are a few links from the people I spoke to and found interesting…they aren’t ranked or anything, so I really recommend clicking on all of them if you have the slightest interest in maps, multimedia, or environmental sustainability!

Global Action Atlas

US Forest Service

Data Basin a portal for conservation datasets, tools, and expertise.

The Green Belt Movement Approach: Responding to Climate Change from the Grassroots.  A program in Kenya that utilizes community groups to engage in climate change through, mitigation, adaptation, and promotion.  The greenbelt was also brought up in the United Nations session I attended, and it was highly regarded.  This program sounds amazing…I even checked out their work opportunities in Kenya as they have a specific program concerning the effect of climate change on women living in poverty, hello dream job, sigh.

19.20.21 A case study of 19 of the worlds biggest cities to explore the impact of population on urban and business planning.

Put your GIS skills to good use and volunteer with GISCorps

Project BudBurst a field campaign for citizens that I think one of the programs at EC should run.

So overall, the trip was great, although very busy.  Our group would most likely benefit from the developers conference as opposed to the user conference but it was useful to attend certain talks to see what people want out of the data they have…which is basically the service our team provides.  Also, it was nice to see what other government agencies and NGO’s are doing.  Plus it was all pretty much new to me, so it was useful for me to get more acquainted to all things ESRI.

It was my first time to San Diego, and California.  So beautiful, and yes obviously the weather was awesome.  Great place to vacation, but I like a little bit of grit to the cities I live in, I kind of felt like I was in a cookie-cutter Pleasantville sometimes! But at least I can tick San Diego off the list 😉

Here’s a photo of me at the entrance to the gala held on the last night…yup, fun follows me wherever I go, can’t help it.

Last post for the esri user conference…I apologize to all those uninterested parties for filling up your rss readers.  Now back to research.