Ok, now that dreadful work is out of the way 😉 just thought I’d post an update of my progress.  General results are done and in, I’ll try to get them up in an appealing format on Sunday for your viewing pleasure.  Now I just need to figure out what they all mean, and then write a thesis paper about it…small potatoes.  Ok, ok, don’t take my nonchalance to heart, I’m actually quite nervous now that I’m at this point.  I’m taking 5 weeks off of work (without pay! ack) in order to write my research paper and I am freaking out a bit about now having a set in stone deadline…part-time students have a lot more wiggle room when it comes to this.

Does anyone have any tips as to a process that worked for you, or mini-deadlines I should set for myself to ensure I stay on track?  I am not on campus much so I wasn’t always there to witness the struggle firsthand.  I am going to *try* to be uber-organized and focused, Greg has already started the tough love which I appreciate, most of the time!  Pretty much everyone I have befriended at dcs is finished their Masters sooooo if you could give me one piece of advice (or two, or three) what would it be?  Shoot.