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That’s all for now. Just an announcement. Going to take some time to let it sink in and then I’ll be back 🙂


*ahem* I fear I may be getting a reputation as a world class complainer.  I’m starting to get annoyed with myself so I can only imagine how I sound to others.

“wahhh poor me, I have to write a research paper”

“wahhh typing words on my computer to form sentences is hard”

“wahhh I have to immerse myself in a topic that I love and which inspires me”

“wahhh I have to get a graduate degree at a top ranking university”

“wahhh I still get paid from my full-time job as I sit in a comfy office sipping my coffee and reflecting on my ideas”

shut UP alecia.

ok.  fine.  it’s not all so bad.  Yes, I can be dramatic at times.  Only sometimes though 😉

The process is going well (positivity!).  Khai Truong has agreed to be my second reader…so yay!  I was really counting on him, as considering my research topic and content, as well as how I came to UofT in the first place, he is the most appropriate person.

I am passing over my first draft to Greg tomorrow, so that will be good in order to get past the slowdown I started experiencing last week.  I just find it funny how one minute I will read over what I wrote and be really happy with it, and confident about reaching my deadline, and then the next minute (literally the next minute!) I will be second guessing everything.  It’s emotionally draining…wait, I’m not complaining though.  I think I expected it to some degree, because that’s the type of person I am.  So I guess…if you know someone experiencing the same thing, just let them know it’s normal.  Well, as normal as one can be.  Passing off to Greg will be good so I can get someone else’s perspective, instead of staying in my own little thesis bubble.

In the meantime I’m just writing.  That’s basically it…writing, and rewriting, writing notes, writing paragraphs, etc. etc.  Jorge’s suggestion at a process to follow is exactly right…well for me anyways.  This is what he told me (Jorge I hope you don’t mind me copypasta-ing your words…but you are a DOCTOR now, so you should get used to it cause that’s what happens with important people):

First, write a point-form skeleton of your thesis (it’s OK if you still don’t have the full picture of what you’ll write).

Second, as your first step writing a chapter/section, add some flesh to the skeleton, as if you were writing pseudocode. “Paragraph on the importance of such and such. Paragraph on why X’s work didn’t tackle this.”

Third, write those paragraphs! :-)

Aim to have a first draft finished at about your halfway point (so in 2.5 weeks). It doesn’t matter if it’s a terrible draft that makes you think coming to grad school was the worst idea ever. I find that once the “dough” is there you can shape it any way you want it. So with your draft finished, revise it (maybe at least 4 times! this is why you need to give it time), and you’ll find you become happier and happier with the result.

When you’re reading the whole thing and making just a few changes every time, you’re done!

And that’s what I’m doing.  Aside from the fact that I need to pick up the pace, I think it’s going well.  Ok, back to writing.